Shilpi Gupta is the epitome of craft meets creativity. Through her unparalleled sense of expertise in textile, she has created a unique style of her own. Her forte lies in the traditional Indian essence of crafts and has evolved it into a new style, mixing ancient old craft with textiles and transforming them into exquisite high fashion pieces. Her work today has gone much beyond revival. Her associations with the villagers near Varanasi, Gujarat and other parts of the country & her passion for the Indian craft has successfully filled the gap of rustic India to a modern India.

With skilled craftsmanship, the garments are an amalgamation of enriched textile with  contemporary sophistication and well crafted surface ornamentation. Her sense of innovation translates into timeless and distinctive garments from her Label. Propelled by her love towards Indian crafts, Shilpi Gupta has broken ground with the finest innovation treatments, versatile fabrics as well as  unusual textures crafted together with an edge. 


Shilpi Gupta’s bespoke collection is about innovation with regards to the Indian style, while also keeping it extremely relevant to the modern world. With laces & fabrics sourced especially from Italy & France the Shilpi Gupta bespoke collection is sartorial with pieces that blend beautifully with you & yet stand out with a sense of splendour. Carefully crafted & especially handpicked, each fabric is a piece of art from across continents to match up to the look that the designer has envisioned. The poise & charm of each silhouette reflects nothing but the royalty & regality of the eras gone by. With intricate surface ornamentation & unparalleled craftsmanship, ancient techniques of couture are mastered to perfection. The enchanting look depicts the European charm at its pinnacle. Step inside the world of Shilpi Gupta as she immerses you in the land of bespoke dreams.

About Her Collection

The inspiration of these garment is enriched textile with the blend of contemporary touch. Well hand crafted surface ornamentation with playful colors. She loves doing embellishments in the form of edgy embroidery motifs. Her sense of innovation translate into timeless and distinctive garments from her Label. Propelled by her love towards the Indian crafts, designer has achieved the finest innovation treatments, versatile fabrics, unusual textures crafted together with an edge..